Our Mission & VALUES

The word ONTDEK translates to "DISCOVER" or "EXPLORE". We are explorers and trailblazers at heart.

We work to bring the best of Southern Africa Agri-Innovation to the World.


We believe that doing good is also good business. We source responsibly, we conduct ourselves in a responsible manner, and we strive to have a good impact.

  • Integrity: We will hold each other accountable to the higher standard of righteousness and to hopefully one day be an example of what it means to do business God’s way. We will strive to earn that right.

  • Joy: We believe that meaning comes from doing purpose-filled work. We celebrate good work.

  • Growth: Our pursuit requires that we step into leadership roles that are yet to be defined. We will continue to develop ourselves and those around us in order to be strong and competent to lead where no-one has been before.

  • Ownership:  We operate without ego and a high degree of humility. Admitting our mistakes, taking ownership, and developing a plan to overcome as a team.

  • Results:  We are stewards of our mandate and we work with exceptional people. We seek to achieve results worthy of the higher standard that we set.


South Africa is rich in agriculture and strong in innovation.